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Yan Yana
podcast serisinin üçüncüsünde masa tenisi üzerine konuşuyoruz. Orijinal kayıt 8 Ağustos 2014 tarihinde gerçekleşmiştir.

Uğur Akbaba, Süper Lig’de Tenis, Eskrim, Dağcılık Spor Kulübü (TED) takımında oynayan milli bir sporcu.

Dr. Savaş Ertufan, 1959 Adana’da doğdu. 11 yaşında İstanbul’a geldi. Orta ve Lise Eğitimini Darüşşafaka’da Üniversiteyi Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesinde bitirdi. İlaç sektöründe çok uluslu ve uluslararası firmalarda üst düzey yöneticilik yaptı. Halen kendi danışmanlık firmasını yönetmektedir. Masa tenisine Darüşşafaka lisesinde başladı. Universite bitene kadar liglerde lisanlı oynadıktan sonra 15 yıl ara vermiştir. Şu anda Veteran Masa Tenisi Derneğinde (VMTD) oyuncu ve idareci olarak görev yapmaktadır.

Suna Kafadar, sunucumuz. İstanbul’da yaşıyor, yazıyor, çeviriyor, basıyor. Aynı zamanda, 5Harfliler sitesi editörlerindendir.



On the third one of Side by Side podcast series we are talking about table tennis. Original recording was made on 8th of August, 2014.

Uğur Akbaba, is a national team member that plays for the Tennis, Fencing, Mountaineering Sports Club (TED) in the Super League.

Dr. Savaş Ertufan, was born in 1959. He moved to Istanbul when he was 11 and attended Darüşşafaka thorough middle school and highschool. He graduated from Cerrahpaşa University, Medicine Faculty. He worked as upper management in national and international pharmaceutical companies, today he runs his own consultation company. He started playing table tennis in middle school and played competitively until the end of highschool; after which he took a 15 year break. Currently he is a player and an executive at the Veteran Table Tennis Association.

Suna Kafadar, is our host. She lives, writes, translates and publishes in Istanbul. Also, she is one of the editors of the online publication 5Harfliler.


On Table Tennis’ place in the media:

Savaş: For example, tennis is a sport that is pleasant to watch. It is widely seen in televisions, it has ratings, therefore industrial sectors give advertisements, therefore their income is really high, all this is an economy in itself actually. Table Tennis’ visibility in televisions or in the media is very low therefore sponsorship is not widely seen in Table Tennis, it is not an appealing sport for sponsors.

Uğur: Therefore, lately various things are done to raise the income and to make it more appealing for the media worldwide, for example balls. They are widening the diameter of the table tennis ball. They are even playing with the color of the ball to make it more visible on television. They try to make it more appealing for the media and more pleasant for the human eye but time is passing, at least I am not selfish, I really hope that in the generations to come people get what they deserve for all their effort. It would be a lie to say we did not get anything in return but I do not think I got what I deserved.

On Table Tennis and peace:

Savaş: Table tennis has a social side to it, there is a group, a society. You are in a social network. You would have lots of national and international friends, it is like a family, it is beautiful in that sense. After the Second World War there was a great tension between the USA and China…In the United Nations council, a chinese and an american sportsman played table tennis and this is how the ice was melted and this led the initial steps to be taken for peace… This year we have International Veteran Table Tennis Players Tournament that will take place in Antalya at the end of September. We are doing the 20th this year. This is a highly appreciated special tournament in the world. Our logo for this year is “table tennis brings peace”. The reason is that, the ongoing conflicts are worrying us as well as our sportsmen and visitors who come from these regions. For example, we have been writing to our Ukranian friends asking are you ok? Is there anything wrong? We had visitors and players coming from Sivastapol, Northern Iraq, Palestine. This year they are not coming, we have been corresponding.

On moral satisfaction:

Savaş: I can talk about moral satisfaction taken from table tennis for days. I believe that I got my wife here, apart from this, the education, sportsmanship, fairplay, not accepting losing, learning how to win, learning how to work, these are moral gains. These things play a very important role in personal development, money is a different issue. We are looking for professionalism too but people who do this regularly, gain a lot even if they do not make money.

Uğur: So, after primary school, for my entire school life I have had scholarhips thanks to table tennis. I graduated from Özel Tercüman Lisesi (Highschool), and then from İstanbul University Physical Education and Sports graduate program. I could enter this school, again, with the table tennis and national quota… I got my first professional job offer from Savaş Abi. Even in military service and everywhere else, I have seen its moral retaliation. After my military service, I have started the job I am at right now with the reference I got from table tennis. So what else would there be? I am really happy, I consent to all these moral richnesses just like Savaş Bey said, they are immesurable, so much more than its material gain.

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